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China Aote Carton Machinery Co., Ltd, a professional maker for complete set of Carton converters is a high tech enterprise, A class management company of custom, and also "Aote"  is the well-known trademark of both Anhui Province and Bengbu. Aote has been issued the certifications of CE safety and ISO9001:2015.The machines are sold well to 43 countries an regions such as America, Europe, Africa, West Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

1. Company Profile
Bengbu Aote Carton Machinery Co., Ltd is a high tech enterprise of Anhui China and maker for making complete set of corrugated carton converters. It, located at Bengbu at 1650 Xingzhong Road, Yuhui Industrial Zone in Bengbu covers an area of 27,000m2. (in which there is 15000m2 European standard workshop) and has 61 employees of whom 4 are graduate students, 1 once studied overseas, 14 bachelor degrees and 29 employees with junior college degree or above, accounting for 47.54% of the total employees in the company; 21 are engaged in research and development accounting for 34.43% of the total. The company ranks one of the front 10 in top 50 domestic industries.
After years’ efforts, Aote has basically a strong innovative ability, independent r/d capability and sound production ability. In 2018, "Research and Development and Application of Key Technology for Flexo Printing folding/Gluing of Intelligent High-Speed Corrugated Carton" was listed as a major special project of Anhui Provincial Department of Science and Technology. Relying on the technical innovation, Aote has applied for more than 20 proprietary intellectual property rights, once was financed the key fund for small and medium-sized enterprise technology innovation by Ministry of Science and Technology of China and Hewubeng self-dependent fund respectively, which has effectively promoted the enterprise's technology upgrading. Since the Carton Mechanical Engineering Technology Research Center in Anhui was established inside the company, Aote has been witnessed its strong technical force, advanced processing equipment, complete test means and perfect management. Today it is one of the manufacturers in this industry in terms of product design, manufacture and r/d of the post processing equipment of corrugated box converters and also in complete machine varieties and perfect after-sales service. 

The certifications of European CE safety and ISO 9001:2015 international quality system identified. Some new products were assessed as high-tech products in Anhui province, which own a number of proprietary intellectual property rights. Model ZYKM IV (fixed type) high-speed automatic flexo printing slotting die-cutting carton folding/gluing machine, model GSYM servo motor drive precise flexo printing varnishing drying machine and model 0920 HD automatic flexo printing varnishing slotting die-cutting machine symbolize the success to open up the international market to let the products exported to the United States, Russia, Saudi Arabia and other over 30 countries. They are the special corrugated box printing converters to be able to replace the imported offset printing machines. Thanks to the perfect world sales and aftersale service networks, 80% products are imported overseas to enjoy the national export rebate, deduction and tax reduction policies. 

2. Organization and Management of R/D and Technological Innovation

1) Management Team
Aote senior management consists of 5 persons with over junior college education and rich experience in carton machinery r/d, production, sales and management. Aote has also built up the efficient, united and consistent innovative r/d and management The teams are qualified in quality, strong in r/d, capable in marketing, especially abundant practical experience. 

2) R/D Team
Aote has a Provincial Carton Engineering Technology Research Center, in which there are nearly 30 people in all kinds of engineering professions and management, among whom there are 23 r/d personnel (one graduated from Moscow University and the other, from Anshan University of Science and Technology). Engaged in carton printing converters, computer, automatic/ programming design, control and and other related processes for many years, the r/d team is strong in the said fields. 

3). Technological Innovation Organization and Management
Aote establishes an open innovative platform, based on engineering technical r/d center in Anhui, the research task is being carried out. It institutes several technical research groups and in the meantime the cooperation of industry-university-research are being done between the Dept. of Electronic Engineering of Bengbu College, some experts from China University of Science and Technology, Hefei University of Technology, Anhui Institute of Science and Technology for the project technical guidance. Some technical r/d groups were set up to carry out technical breakthrough; Aote also actively introduced the most advanced flexo printing technology and cooperated with Martin, the world famous company of the highest level in corrugated box industry, and in China, close technical exchanges and cooperation were done among the domestic well-known enterprises such as Dongfang and Taiyi. On the other hand, Aote is an internship base for graduates from Bengbu College to train a large number of professional and technical personnel. Measures of implement of the performance appraisal system for r/d personnel has been done to fully arouse their enthusiasm. This open form of technical innovation organization and management has played a powerful role in company's product innovation and development and rapid promotion of its core competitiveness.

3. Commercialization of Research Findings

 (Experts from city S/T Bureau and Hefei University identify the company's products)

1) Achievements Transformation
Aote has established the implementation of s/t achievements of and incentive system. They are tracking the development trend of carton printing converters both home and abroad, through the in-depth study of market demand change, more than 20 technology sophisticated techniques are employed such as dust removal in flexo printing, digital display gauge and communication with PLC to control cylinders clearances in carton converters, vacuum conveying to realize smart package printing production lines from blank feeding, multicolor printing and multi-functions. Great efforts have been made in the development of high-end products, top quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption, high LPI, high definition, intelligence and automation. A good job in transformation of scientific and technological achievements has been launched to turn out high-tech machines of proprietary intellectual property rights to open up international market successfully.

The most typical products: model GSYM series full servo drive multicolor HD flexo printing varnishing drying die-cutting machine, model ZYKM IV (stationary) high-speed automatic flexo printing slotting die-cutting folding/gluing production line and model ZYKM (900x2000) high LPI automatic flexo printing varnishing slotting die cutting machine. These flexo printing equipment of the most advanced performances are prominent in world market, the product contains more than 10 s/t achievements, i.e. full independent servo motor drive, entire vacuum conveyance printing, IR drying, HD ceramic anilox roller full page printing, 50-133 LPI printing, PLC intelligent control, electrostatic dust removal device, central dust collection system, dual doctor blade ink system, remote control and maintenance, eco-friendly flexo printing, plate change in non-machine stop (stationary type) etc. The transformation of technical achievements enables the products to meet the eco-friendly standard, with the overprinting accuracy up to ±0.16mm and the highest speed up to 300 sheets/min. It is an advanced technology at home and abroad, which makes the products highly competitive in the international market.

(Model ZYKM IV (Fixed Type) High Speed Full Automatic Printer Slotter Die Cutter Production Line With Folder Gluer)

2) Product Advantages
They are the patent products with proprietary intellectual property rights made on the basis of fully absorbing advanced technologies both home and abroad. Its advantage lies in high quality, low cost and strong market competitiveness.

These machines adopts the techniques such as high-speed automatic paper feeding, full vacuum conveyance, full servo motor drive. The machines feature ceramic anilox cylinders equipped with enclosed double blade system, infrared heating system to adjust the heating according to the size of printed board. The thermal blowing is able to transfer heat to the required printing area quickly. UV varnishing system’s rotation speed is controlled by servo motor to synchronize water-base glazing device; the printing cured with UV heating aided by synchronous belt conveyor to vary according to board width when different blanks being printed; the key technique of programming control with PLC and digital display improve the performance, accuracy and efficiency to achieve a high speed full automatic production; the quick-change double-layer paper transfer rubber rollers adopt built-in pneumatic suspension structure and hard-outside-soft-inside double-layer high wear-resisting rubber rollers to replace the original fixed single-layer rubber roller mechanism, i.e. the multiple soft buffer function effectively enhances the mechanism performance and greatly reduces the flatten flutes to improve the product quality, and facilitates rubber rollers maintenance and replacement.
These key technologies upgrades the performance, accuracy and efficiency to achieve the high speed and automation production. As a result, the printing effect identified is as exquisite as offset printing. The advantages of equipment economy, low cost, process simplicity, efficiency as well as eco-friendly, and large-size board production cannot be gained by the other equipment. Therefore the said advantages are a guarantee to substitute machines imported to save hard currency. 

 (Machine performance show in workshop)

5. Production Capacity
Aote has 23 sets of processing equipment, i.e. model T611C horizontal milling and boring machine, model XA6132 vertical universal milling machine, model M1350B cylindrical grinder and B2012A/1 planer; 118 sets of testing devices and instruments; 1260m2 workshop for machining, sheet metal processing/welding, electrical work and fitter, and the assembling workshop function in from key parts processing to related high-tech components fabrication, from the production, installation and test of single machine or set equipment. The divisions of production, technology and quality assurance etc. are instituted and the sound production management and QC mechanism ensure the production and quality of products. At the same time, among the 65 people, workers haveing the experience of relevant production, staff owning technical management and salesmen engaged in marketing are able to upgrade and optimize equipment, and ensure the social and economic benefits 

5. Market Opportunity,
At present, under the great opportunity of One Belt - One Road, Aote seizes the change to develop and put new products onto world market as soon as possible, and constantly expand the market share. Through continuous research and development and technical breakthrough, model ZYKM IV (stationary) high-speed automatic flexo printing slotting die-cutting folding/gluing machine has been made to realize intelligent paper feeding, flexo printing, slotting, die-cutting, infrared drying, varnishing, automatic folding/gluing, counting, baling and remote maintenance entirely. The new products with the features of prominent cost performance just meet the demands of the high-end user in developed countries along the route of One Belt And One Road.

(Owner Of Suzhou Cooperation Packaging signs contract(buy Model GSYM Full Servo Printer )with Aote) 

Chilean Customer Came To Aote To Order Flexographic Equipment

(Owner Of Chile "LPS S.A." Industries signs contract with Aote) 

(Owner India Royal Pack Industries signs contract with Aote) 


(Aote’s machine in user’s plant) 

(Aote’s machine in user’s plant) 

Aote adopts flexible and diversified marketing methods such as network marketing, advertising, exhibition participation, purchase meeting and other channels to promote company image and brand. At present, Aote has signed agency and sales contracts (5-6 years term) with those from United States, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Southeast Asia etc.

Aote attaches great importance to after-sales service and customer management in the way of 24 hours/day of 365 days/year and 4-24 hours quick response to provide after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction. Over the years, excellent product quality and after-sales service won the praise of users. That is why we have more and relatively stable customers and agents to facilitate further expanding the domestic and foreign markets.

6. Company Development Plan
By intensifying product research and development to turn out constantly eco-friendly, intelligent, full servo motor drive, high definition, high LPI, high speed, multicolor, broad width, fixed production line of carton printing slotting die-cutting folding/gluing machine series, increasing income from export quantity, expanding overseas market coverage to meet the growing demands of packaging market both home and abroad.

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